Invasion of Oricon!

Medi a posted Jan 22, 15

Please choose ENGINEERING Encryptions for your reward this week.

Meatbags On The Move!

Medi a posted Jan 22, 15
Big Gratz to our Meatbags group, after a bumpy start with some of the new guys, i think things are starting to settle down now and as a result they have gone on a killing spree, Underlurker was giving them some trouble as well as over half the servers but am happy to say they shoved that cross of his up his A%# and went on to clear both Revanite Commanders and Revan for there First Full Clear! Well done Guys!

Massive well done to our newly formed Comrades Operations Group who on there first night of this new start managed to bag themselves a big one and got there First group Kill on Malaphar the Savage HM. Well done guys!

Big Gratz to the Sparks Group for getting a Guild First in ToS by killing Malaphar the Savage HM, took us a few attempts to remember what we were doing but didn't take long to get him down, afterwards we took a visit to Ravagers and got our First Group Kill on Sparky HM too and even had a play around with Bulo afterwards.

Nicely done tonight guys, Gratz again.

Crafting List has been updated, if you have any new plans be sure to post in the forum
i wll back to play sure in 17 march, i leaved also a trade guild with 30-40 players online every night
Yup and one of our shops still sells that game with dlc which allows you to join any alliance with any race :sick:
march 17 a few web sites are saying
Would love to see how TESO has progressed but I'm still fighting Backlogzilla
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