Sparks group went on a rampage tonight and downed 3 new 4.0 HM bosses, Revanite Commanders in Temple of Sacrafice and Sparky and Brulo in Ravagers, nicely done all.

4.0 Styrak HM Kill

Medi Atagtag posted Jan 20, 16

Another one bites the dust, 4.0 Styrak down and out, nicely done Sparks Group.

4.0 Underlurker HM Kill

Medi Atagtag posted Jan 19, 16

Well done to the Sparks group, this is our second time back to Temple of Sacrifice HM since 4.0 and even with some of the bugs still around we managed a new 4.0 kill and with 2 tanks, nicely done all.


Medi Atagtag posted Jan 1, 16

Greeting all and HAPPY NEW YEAR! SPARK OF INSANITY (Republic) is Recruiting, and as always everyone is welcome.

Currently Looking for Dedicated Players for a HM Operations Group, Raid Times 7pm GMT till 10-10:30pm Thursday, Friday and Sunday 1 DPS.

These spot are currently being spot filled by our other Operation Group members so the runs are taking place we just need new regular members for this group.

I have come accross alot of smaller guilds struggling to maintain active members and Operation groups, who are fed up of PUG's or having to cancel events, and with more and more player spamming for gear rating and achievement before hand I would like to open our doors to any guilds and players out there looking for a bit more stability to join and help make a bigger in guild and game community.

A year ago, we had a massive player base, we were running 5 NiM Operation groups including an Imperial Raiding team in our sister guild, but due to various reasons (mainly bugs and lack of content) alot of players decided to quit the game or join our other community members in other games. Even with some of them now returning, we are looking to fill the void that still remains. Most of us gave up on pugs along time ago, we would rather spend the time explaining tactics etc than sitting around while everyone around you rage quit, which is why alot of us only do things with other guild members, it's alot nicer to know when you enter a FP or Ops that the players with you know what there meant to be doing and so if players are unsure or are new to something we help out as much as we can.

Were looking for active players willing to play and enjoy the game, we have an active policy, meaning any characters inactive for 40 days or more without notice will be kicked from the guild when we do a clear out. This is to ensure that we keep an active community within the guild and game. We also have 1 rule that i think is a must for any guild and that is No Drama. Drama of any kind results in a guild kick, it's the last thing you want to put up with when your trying to enjoy the game and we maintain a pritty chilled environment.

As of now we have only 2 active Operation groups, both running 3 days each week, on the days nether of the groups are running we try if time permits to set up extra runs for our other guild members that can't raid in our current groups due to time, work, family etc. The majority of our members are of a more mature age ranging from early 30's to 40+ ;) but we do have a few younger guys all 20+.

Were also looking to start doing Conquest Events again, The Guild is still lacking Yavin 4 but with new members we expect alot of new players to show interest so if anyone is looking to do Conquests we'll be starting from the beginning again and working our way through all the planets.

If there is any one out there or any guilds interested please feel free to /w or mail Medi ingame for a chat.

And I used to think only in my country this type pf poor pathetic services existed !!! guess i was wrong .. consolation for the Indians :d
4 WEEKS!! dude, it's time to kick ass!
Still waiting for BT to fix my phoneline and fibre its been nearly 4 weeks now
latest episode of rebels is up on [link] enjoy
Episode VIII 15.12.2017!
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