DuckTape Down Bulo HM!

Medi Atagtag posted Mon at 12:23

Whats this i see? yep thats one dead Bulo HM, nicely done guys. We were so close so many times and we had some stupid moves from Bulo were he was putting vollys on the guys picking up barrels but we got it in the end 

Sparks One Shot Torque HM!

Medi Atagtag posted Wed at 22:50

Well guys it's been a long time coming, after our last minute wipes at around 2%+ over the last few weeks we set off like a rocket tonight killing all farmed bosses in record time, one shotting them all and then finishing off with a One Shot of Torque himself. Am still buzzing from the kill even now, massive well done to everyone in the Sparks group, thats a new Guild First Kill.

DuckTape Storm HM Rav and ToS!

Medi Atagtag posted Sep 18, 15

Massive gratz to the DuckTape Operations group tonight, there first visit into HM Rav and Tos and they manage to bag the first boss kills in both, well done guys especially those that had never even stepped foot into an ops a few weeks ago

Invite to Guild

Medi Atagtag posted Aug 21, 15

Greeting all, SPARK OF INSANITY (Republic) is Recruiting New Members, and as always everyone is welcome.
Also if any Free to Play or Returning players are interested in 7 Free Days of Subscribed play just click the link below.


We are looking for players to fill some open gaps in our HM/NiM Operation Groups and to set up new ones.

- Currently our DuckTape Group is looking for a 3rd HEALER with a DPS alt or off spec.
- Currently Working on setting up a NEW Group so we need a Raid Leader (Training will be given by our other Raid Leaders who will run with you until you start to pick things up), 2 TANKS, 2 HEALERS and 4 DPS 

Were also looking to start doing Conquest Events again, The Guild is still lacking Yavin 4 but with all our new members we have alot of new players showing interest so if anyone is looking to to do Conquests we'll be starting from the beginning again and working our way through all the planets.

If anyone is interested in giving us a try then feel free to visit our website and apply, or you can contact any of our members ingame and we can arrange an invite.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully we'll see you soon.

my isp has left with no net for 3 weeks now and it looks like atleast another 2 weeks b4 they sort it , i got a dongle but update is just too big for mobilphone data rates ;#
welldone on bulo guys
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