Guild Raid!

Medi Atagtagtag posted May 8, 17

Well done guys both Emerald Nightmare Normal and Heroic both cleared in one night not bad since half the group had never been, well done all.

We forgot to get a screenshot : (

Return to Karazhan Cleared!

Medi Atagtagtag posted Feb 26, 17

Well done guys, Return to Karazhan Cleared, last boss was a tough one but we got him : )

Return to Karazhan Run!

Medi Atagtagtag posted Feb 18, 17

Sign up on events page if you are attuned and ready to run Return to Karazhan this Monday and Tuesday.


Medi Atagtagtag posted Jan 1, 17

i'll get back tomorrow or this weekend
You can also just tell me you miss me medi ;)
thats a yes, get your butt back on lol
there might be : P
Hmm maybe i am up again for a wow subscription Since my League of legends career is getting boring. Is there still a tankspot open?
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