OMG Group Clears EC Hardmode!

Medi Atagtag posted May 8, 16

OMG Group managed the full cleat of EC Hardmode about 2 weeks ago but due to technical difficulties with screenshots i've only just been able to post it so Big Gratz guys : )

Also since then they have also managed to fight there way through Dread Palace Hardmode up to Raptus and to Last Boss in Dread Fortress Hardmode, well done again guys : )

Well done guys, Dread Council Hardmode 4.0 Down, that just leaves 3 to go \o/

Also a Big Gratz to the Guild, we just hit 80,000 Unique Hits on our website.

Big Gratz to the OMG group they made a great start with Explosive Conflict HM, by downing Toth & Zorn and just coming short on Firebrand and Stormcaller, we'll get them next run, nicely done all.

OMG Clears TFB HM!

Medi Atagtag posted Apr 3, 16

OMG Group made a fast push through TFB only to run short on the last boss by hitting the finish time but we went in tonight to finish things off, had a few of the OMG guys missing tonight and had a few really interesting bugs such as TFB healing up to 30% on his burn phase, but after this happening 3 times the 4th go went without bugs and he died without a fuss. Bit of a shame really as that should of been a one shot but he went down in the end, gratz guys : )

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Ts server back up, don't know why it shut down
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