Invading Makeb (ON WEEK)!

Medi a posted Tue at 17:52

Please choose Logistical Encryptions for your reward this week.

Sorry about the delay for posting the kill shot guys just totally slipped my mind but massive Gratz to all who were there for the kill, looks like were getting our groove back ; )

Big Gratz to the Sparks group for getting there first Grob'thok NiM kill lastnight, well done guys, nicely done. And Gratz to Wujon on getting the gloves.

Corrupter Zero NiM Down!

Medi a posted Oct 31, 14
Big Gratz to our Old School Group again for downing another NiM boss, well done guys, nicely done : )

looks like starparse is the final tools for you riders give it a try! [link]
dat future very close now 15 days left or so
something about the future of our comms [link]
Luca & Moff, would like to have a word with you two guys, haven't been online much myself this weekend because I've been working. I'll try to catch you online this week.
Don't worry about it Av, everyone was running 40 mins late for some reason so I called it :sick: no matter, new expansino hitting the shelves in 11 days anyways :sick:
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