Sparks Down Sword Squadron!

Medi a posted Tue at 3:26
Nicely done tonight guys, we took down Sword Squad Unit on our third attempt and managed 19% on Underlurker despite all the bugs he was throwing at us.

Gratz Guys

BIG Gratz to both Old School and Sparks Operations Groups last night for both clearing the NEW Ravagers 8M Operation. Old School got the First Full Clear closely followed by Sparks. During the excitement of One Shoting the last two bosses, Sparks forgot to get kill shots of the bosses but we gathered after on the Flagship with our new Mount Rewards. I'll have to ambush Fendashi and get there Kill shots : )

Sparks Group also managed to clear first boss in

Temple of Sacrifice and got one of the Second bosses down and the other to 4% so soon to be another dead boss, gratz guys.

Once again Well Done everyone.

Sparks Ops Group Downs 3!

Medi a posted Dec 9, 14
Well i have to say it was finally great to enter a new Operations after all this time, we took our time, enjoyed the new sights, even managed to find a bar inside and grab a few rounds before the locals got a bit restless and tried to chuck us all out, fortunately we'd had more to drink and we kicked there arses. We racked up 3 NEW Kills in the first of the New Operations.

Sparky, who we have adopted as our new mascot.
Quartermaster Bulo, who tried to kick us out the bar.
And some dude called Torque, who was the designated driver but ended up more wasted than the rest of us ; )

Well done guys for our first night.
Old School went in the night before and racked up some kills them selves, KILL SHOTS GUYS!!

Invasion of Tatooine!

Medi a posted Nov 18, 14

Please choose Logistical Encryptions for your reward this week.

Well, I am patching on my laptop. I wil lat least check conquest stuff and sent comps to craft some prefabs :sick:
mine says is repairing 5 files but it takes very long
Ok, but 11gb? and assets 1? I disable bit raider, could it be because of that?
sonds like you got that bug were it's downloading the whole expansion again, both me and jen have had that
How big is today's patch? I am downlaoding 11gb file.
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