Big Gratz to the Sparks Group for getting there first Sword Squadron Hardmode Kill tonight. Since last run almost every attempt has been so close but we finally pulled it off tonight before the enrage. Well done all.

Big gratz to the Sparks Group for getting another Guild First Kill with the Colossal Monolith on Zoist, didn't look like we would have a run at first as there was a few no shows but we managed and bagged us a kill on our 3rd pull after a 0% wipe on our second.


Medi Atagtag posted May 2, 15

Teamspeak 3 subscription ends soon, and as always we did a bit of a hunt around looking for a better deal and found one. Our Back-Up Server is now our new MAIN Server, details have been posted on the forum and in the guild descriptios box in game. And if anyone wishes to make a donation please contact Medi.


Medi Atagtag posted Apr 27, 15

Flagship is currently on route, we've had a few weeks off now and althought most of us have all the titles and achivments there are a few players still missing some. So this week being Total Galactic Conflict we will set a planet still needed and go for it.

Please choose Engineering Encryptions for your reward this week.
lol no worries it was only a thought we'll keep trying to chuck it in when we can
No :sick: we need all 3 days for practise :(
only 5 sign ups guys don't think we'll be having a run tonight :( mabe we should chuck the S&V NiM run in our normal schedule
aoe invite, lol
Medi do an aoe invite to the others for the snv :sick:
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