Return to Karazhan Cleared!

Medi Atagtagtag posted Feb 26, 17

Well done guys, Return to Karazhan Cleared, last boss was a tough one but we got him : )

Return to Karazhan Run!

Medi Atagtagtag posted Feb 18, 17

Sign up on events page if you are attuned and ready to run Return to Karazhan this Monday and Tuesday.


Medi Atagtagtag posted Jan 1, 17

Sad Days

Caldreth Atagtag posted Dec 28, 16

May the Force be with you

Raid tonight try and be on
hey guys been stuck on lall day late shifts but am off monday, posted a run up on events page, sign up if your available : )
I dont know anything about mp but friend said it will be conencted to single player contennt like it was in me3 -_-
whats the mp going to be like ? me3 was horde and the connection issues were plenty
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