DuckTape Down Bulo HM!

Medi Atagtag posted Oct 12, 15

Whats this i see? yep thats one dead Bulo HM, nicely done guys. We were so close so many times and we had some stupid moves from Bulo were he was putting vollys on the guys picking up barrels but we got it in the end 

Sparks One Shot Torque HM!

Medi Atagtag posted Oct 7, 15

Well guys it's been a long time coming, after our last minute wipes at around 2%+ over the last few weeks we set off like a rocket tonight killing all farmed bosses in record time, one shotting them all and then finishing off with a One Shot of Torque himself. Am still buzzing from the kill even now, massive well done to everyone in the Sparks group, thats a new Guild First Kill.

re-buffed and re-nerfed
my guess about this producers livestream on tuesday, is the return of darth malgus as your companion
guess bw is really bored ;#
to buff them again ;#
Companion healing, damage, and base stats have been increased. Character Level and Companion Influence Level will determine the exact amount/// todays patch looooooool, why did they nerfed them?
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